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About Aresblog.net

In our world that we’re living in today, you can never tell what will happen. You can never assure your family – or even just your own safety. The world is a dangerous place and as such, you need to be ready, prepared and properly equipped with plenty of knowledge, a handful amount of skill and the right set of tools so that you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the oncoming dangers you may face in our society today.

The issue of self-defense is nonetheless one of the most sensitive issues to touch because of its two-way reception on society. For example, what if you accidentally injure or even kill a person when you’re defending yourself? What if you accidentally kill or injure your assailant in the process? Is it your fault? Should you feel guilty? The answer is a big, resounding “NO”.

When we watch and listen to the news each day, it’s already no surprise to hear news about women getting raped, people getting mugged, kidnapping, extortion, theft, home break ins, harassment or just plain old violence both inside and outside of your home. The world has already come to this stage that the weak are the most susceptible ones as victims against these abusive and violent people.

Sometimes, against violence, pacifism just isn’t enough of a solution. When you’re faced with danger, you have to fight back.

Ares Blog brings you everything you need to know about defending yourself and your loved ones. Even when you’re not an expert, there are tools that you can get so that you can still protect yourself and your family. It’s not just about guns or knives. These are specialized tools in self-defense. These tools are meant to protect, not to kill. Ares Blog brings you information on dangerous situations and how to use these tools in times of danger.