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Advanced Taser M26C: Your Defense Advantage

Advanced Taser M26C: Your Defense Advantage

Advanced Taser M26C: Your Defense Advantage

Police-action-themed television series and movies display a variety of devices used by the hero to overpower the suspect. After a series of car chases, the scene of the ultimate fall commences with the police leading guy aiming a clear shot at the villain. He uses a gun, of course.  But have you ever thought of your favorite movie with people aiming Tasers at each other?

Tasers are built to be non-lethal, that is why it is not used to portray life and death climaxes in action film. Tasers, however, come in handy especially to civilians. They are legalized to be carried by most states in the US and can be used as a self-defense weapon.

It is also very useful for the officers of law. To minimize blood and violence, and with the assurance of bringing the suspect alive, Tasers are used in a variety of police-related activities.

Advanced Taser M26C is just one of wide array of models of Tasers created by Taser International Inc. They are generally termed as Electrical Conductive Devices that aim to conduct electrical energy to the target using propelled wires or direct contact. This electrical energy stimulates and disrupts motor and sensory pathway leading to incoordination and immobility of the target. This gives the user a defense advantage. At the time of temporary collapse, the user can run away, call for help, or perform leading offensive actions to achieve the lawful goal.

The Advanced Taser M26C basically works with replaceable cartridges that enclose compressed nitrogen. This will then deploy two probes attached by insulated conductive wires that reach up to fifteen feet in length.  Electrical current travels through the wires from the cartridges, towards the target with a promising penetration on the target’s clothing of two cumulative inches or one inch per device probe.

These Tasers comes with amazing features that ensures handler’s safety in operation as well as efficacy in self-defense.  It includes a laser sight for effective aiming at the target and lessens the chances of missing. It also has a built-in internal memory which records every deployment. It comes with an ambidextrous safety switch which assures handler safety.

The M26C’s batteries are replaceable with either alkaline or rechargeable battery, this will allow even civilians to purchase the batteries and replace it themselves. Like the rests of the Taser models, it also comes with a trigger, a power indicator and mechanical sights.

And to regulate the use of Tasers, M26C comes with AFID tags which come with a printed serial number of the cartridge deployed. With this available, crime committees and law enforcement agencies can determine who the registered owner of the cartridge is. They can note, as well, if it has been used by criminal intent.

Devices like the M26C should be handled with care as opposed to its slightly rugged model Taser counterparts. Perform a spark test if you’re suspecting a low battery as this is the only determinant of the device’s capacity to deploy a current, and not the power indicator. How to perform a spark test is taught through the user manual and is crucial to ensure that the device is working, or else you’ll find yourself in a cut throat, dangerous situation where you will be wishing you have replaced your batteries beforehand.

So there you have it. You get a Taser and you’ll have peace of mind and a sense of protection. The thing is, you just have to know how to use them properly and responsibly. Advanced M26 Taser gives you the promise of a defense advantage, giving you the opportunity to move towards safety at your target’s expense.