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Privacy Policy

Valid from June 8, 2014

This website, http://www.aresblog.net, is a personal website written, edited and maintained by the owners. Any form of paid marketing like sponsorship, advertisements, paid reviews or paid on click ads is not accepted by any of the administrators of this website.

What we aim to do is to bring about knowledge to the people who may think that they can utilize the information found on our site and integrates them in our daily lives. However, it should be noted that the content that we write about may be influenced by our occupations, beliefs, backgrounds, religions and personal experiences to some degree.

The compensation that we may receive on this site will not influence the content that we write or the topics that we choose to write about. The purpose of this site is to give information on everything about self-defense, techniques on how to defend yourself in a dangerous situation and reviews on the various self-defense products that we find useful and of high quality. It should also be remembered that the advertisements found on this site may or may not be directly affiliated with the site or any of the administrators. Third party groups may put up ads on this site without the knowledge of the administrators.

This website does not contain any content which may provide conflict of interest.

The information found on this site comes directly from the personal experiences of the administrators and if necessary, extensive research is done so that the correct information is given to everyone who accesses this site. It should also be remembered that some of the posts found on this website may be situational in nature. If you, the reader, may deem the content to be familiar in nature, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have written specifically about you or anyone you know personally.