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Sabre Pepper Spray


In the current state of our society today, we can never be too sure of our safety. We usually see it on television or hear about it on the radio but most of the time, when it comes to the bad news that the media tells us, it involves someone being mugged, beat up, molested, harassed or even killed. It’s safe to say that there’s no place in the world that’s considered to be completely safe. That is why you have to be properly equipped with the right tools to protect yourself and the ones you love from danger.

While there are a lot of self-defense tools available on the market for purchase, most of the tools that you get are made from low quality materials. When it comes to choosing self-defensive tools, you have to pick the best ones and the best ones only. That’s because low quality self-defense tools may end up not performing what they promised or even be defective in nature. And in times of danger, this might make you vulnerable to attacks or even risk yourself getting injured by your own weapon.

The pepper spray is just one of the mainstay self-defense weapons that have been widely used – both by law enforcement personnel and by civilians. That’s because of its non-lethal albeit painful self-defense measures, it is preferred by the people who don’t want to end up killing their assailant and face charges by using lethal weapons like knives or guns. That is to say, pepper spray should be made with the high quality materials and by the best manufacturer since this can end up injuring innocent people as well if its contents leak and spread in the air.

If you’re getting low quality pepper sprays in the market, look no further. When it comes to the best pepper sprays for self-defense, the Sabre Pepper Spray is certainly one of the best in doing its job.

The Rundown

The Sabre Pepper Spray is a clear cut quality among the pepper sprays in the market; regarded as the top brand used by law enforcement personnel worldwide and particularly in the US like in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the Sabre Pepper Spray has established its trustworthiness well and steady to show the quality that it exhibits.

What makes the Sabre Pepper Spray so special is that it is made to be immediately accessible, providing you with protection that’s quick and convenient with the clip attachment. It’s practical protection especially when you’re on the go. It also contains an advanced 3-in-1 formulation consisting of pepper spray, CS military tear gas and a UV marking dye. You also don’t need to worry about its expiration and ending up ineffective because it has lost its luster. With a 4 year shelf life, you get the best value money can buy and will certainly last for a long time.

Not only that, the Sabre Pepper Spray also allows you to access a free how-to-use video to ensure that you use the product in a safe and efficient manner. Unlike other pepper sprays, you can rest assured that the Sabre Pepper Spray exhibits its power with 5 times more spraying power at 35 bursts.

You can protect yourself even against multiple assailants with the quick burst spray feature that can reach a safe distance of 10 feet. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about getting sprayed yourself because of the powerful ballistic stream that the Sabre Pepper Spray has to reduce the blowback towards you.

When it comes to choosing a pepper spray, you only want the best. That’s why choose the Sabre Pepper Spray.