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Personal Safety & Self Defense Products You Can Always Lean On

Self-Defense Products

These days, going out of your home can be dangerous, especially at night. Robbers pointing a gun or knife at you pose a daily threat. If you are a girl, rape is an added danger. Criminals might be after your body first. At home, we worry about burglars breaking inside our houses. They would be more than happy to steal what we had worked hard for.

Many prefer to buy handguns or assault rifles. While they are legal in most states assuming you have a license, guns are bulky. If you carry it outside your residence, you must secure a permit. Unless you are proficient in firing your weapon, it may cause self-injury. Someone else could be hit by a stray bullet. Although effective in crime deterrent, firearms are quite dangerous for ordinary owners. The proper action is calling the police. However, it takes around fifteen or more minutes before they arrive. In the meantime you must take preemptive measures.

As an alternative, people organize neighborhood watch dogs. They roam around the block looking out for suspected burglars or trouble makers. For their own security, some take up martial arts classes. When leaving their homes at night, others go in groups. There are many instances where you’re alone walking along the street or inside your house. Aside from firearms and self-defense classes, another practical alternative is owning self-defense tools.

The Importance of Self Defense Products

Unlike guns, you can carry personal security gadgets anywhere without getting the necessary permits. They are less expensive and available in malls. You could also purchase them at online stores. Buying through the internet is often cheaper. Online stores do not entail several overhead expenses compared to traditional outlets. You only have to pay a small fee for shipping cost.

Since these products are tiny, they are very much convenient to tuck inside our pockets, backpacks, handbags or you could clip them on your belt. Many people these days choose self-defense products instead of firearms.

Take measures to protect yourself against muggers, sex offenders or anyone out to harm you. There are a wide variety of products to choose from in ensuring personal safety. Most tools are not only accessible but cheaper as well.

Stun Guns and Tasers

The tube like object is compact, about the length of a ball pen and powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery. Stun guns utilize a very high voltage electric current to temporarily immobilize an attacker. The power passes through a series of spikes at the gun’s tip. Once you pull the trigger then touch your aggressor, he suddenly shivers and is unconscious for 20-30 minutes.

There are other types of stun weapons, the flashlight and baton types. The flashlight stun gun’s ultra-bright light temporarily blinds an attacker if you point directly in his eyes. As a result, you deter him before he has a chance to choke you or stick a knife at your body. This is an advantage over the typical stun gun. Sometimes, a mugger subdues you while you are still reaching for your weapon. A stun baton is a stick long weapon with very lethal electric currents throbbing across the upper surface. The gun also presents a similar advantage with its flashlight counterpart.

Much similar to stun guns, tasers look like a pistol. It also uses super high voltage electricity to neutralize assailants. The police use tasers in subduing criminals without the risk of killing them if they fire a gun. This enables cops to interrogate bad guys or put them into trial.

Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays contain chemicals that results in severe irritation to the eyes. The compounds cause temporary blindness for a few minutes, along with an annoying runny nose and constant coughing. The inconvenience suffered by the aggressor allows you to escape. Like the flashlight stun gun, pepper spray knocks down your assailant from a distance. He has no chance of grabbing you first. You can squirt an opponent from 10 to 15 feet away.

Animal Repellent

Let’s say you are a jogger and suddenly, a dog attacks you. Perhaps you’re trekking in the forest or taking a rest while camping. Much to your surprise, a wild a boar, grizzly bear or wolf assaults you. Indeed, you will be overpowered. Usually the food you prepare attracts the animals’ attention.

Animal repellents produce the same effect as pepper spray used on humans. Their dosage, though, are much stronger and the distance the chemicals could reach is farther. Another type of repellent is the ultrasonic variety, a cousin of the personal alarm for humans. It emits an ear shattering and irritating noise which only animals could hear.

Personal Alarms

Numerous mugging or sexual assault incidents occur at places where people are passing by. Certainly, an attacker hates to attract the attention of other individuals. He could be surrounded then later arrested by the police. Worse, people might beat him up. By a single push of a button, the device sounds off an alarm which would surely alert a lot of onlookers.

The gadget is light, about the same size of a cell phone, and cheap too. It is also helpful in case of medical emergencies or any life threatening situations.  Most personal alarms cost less than $20. They come with a clip or a keychain which you can fasten on your belt or bag. Several models are even equipped with miniature Swiss knives or built in flashlights

Diversion Safes

They are “safety vaults in disguise.” Diversion safes look like ordinary household items, or things we see every day. Some look like soda cans, hair sprays, paint containers, huge books which is obviously blank or even audio speakers. These objects can certainly be mistaken for the real ones.

In case of a burglary, your jewelries, money or various valuables are safe. Who would expect that diamond rings, money, credit cards and assorted priceless items are kept inside a book, soft drinks can or hair spray? If you’re travelling, you can bring along your valuables; just keep them inside a soda can or bestselling novel.

Investing on self-defense products is a worthwhile endeavor. After all, your life is at stake.