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Handy Self Defense Products to the Rescue

Self Defense Products

Once we leave our homes, the risk trails us. You might get robbed along the sidewalk. Bad guys could attack you for reasons other than getting money or valuables. Falling victim to hate crimes like racial discrimination is a possibility. If you’re a female, sexual assault or rape is an even deadlier threat. At home, thieves could break inside houses. Some don’t just steal possessions; they harm residents as well.

We must come up with security measures to minimize the possibility of these crimes. Avoid displaying necklaces, expensive watches, rings or jewelry when walking in the streets. Hold bags, cell phones or laptops tightly if you’re riding a bus or any public transport. If possible, go out in groups during evenings. Better yet, enroll in a self-defense training program.

Despite precautions we undertake, the risk of getting mugged successfully cannot be ignored. What if an attacker gets on you first? A more muscular bad guy might overwhelm you. Chances are your strength would not be enough. Carrying a gun helps. However, a permit is needed to carry a gun outside your residence. Acquiring one takes time. Applying for a license is a complicated process.

The Need for Self Defense Gadgets

A practical alternative in protecting ourselves is to use self-defense gadgets. They are lightweight and convenient to carry. You can conceal them inside your bag and pocket. Easy to use, these products do not require a permit. You could purchase them online or at malls. Numerous devices are available on the market; stun guns, pepper sprays, Tasers, batons, personal alarms, knives, flashlights and a lot more. Many are sold in eye catching colors and shapes, making them an attractive fashion accessory.

Devices often adopted by security conscious individuals include pepper sprays, stun guns, Tasers and personal alarms.

Pepper Sprays
Pepper sprays are filled with chemical compounds that irritate your eyes, causing temporary blindness. It also inflames the skin and throat. This allows would be victims to escape their attackers. Sprays come in tube-like canisters, small enough to be kept inside pockets and handbags. Many brands are sold in different colors.

Most pepper sprays are equipped with a UV dye. The coloring agent sticks into a mugger’s skin. As a result, it would be easy for police to identify the suspect. There are instances when victims have a difficult time identifying attackers due to confusion and fear.

Stun Guns
A stun gun is referred to as the “electroshock firearm.” It’s an energy sapping weapon that temporarily paralyzes an aggressor through a very powerful electric current. Now that he’s unable to move, you could flee then inform police. You should be inches away from the person. Once he attacks you, press the stun gun on his body. The weapon could penetrate through clothing, even if you’re wearing a shirt plus a jacket. It seeps inside your nervous system, resulting to momentary paralysis, disorientation and losing control over your muscles.

Related to a stun gun, Tasers are electroshock weapons utilizing extremely strong electric current that makes a person lose control of his muscles. This paralyzes him for minutes. Tasers fire dart shaped electrodes which can reach around 15 feet. While old models had problems penetrating into thick clothing, recent versions solved such problem. They are used by police to subdue a resisting criminal without the possibility of killing him if they shoot with firearms.

Personal Alarms
They emit an ear shattering sound which can be activated when you push a button or pull an alarm cord. The noise along with your reaction against your attacker would indeed attract the attention of many people. Your assailant would certainly flee. Personal alarms are also useful in case of emergencies. They can be clipped on your belt or tucked inside your pocket or bag.

These days, we should be careful. Thieves or those with bad intentions roam around looking for victims. Handy self-defense devices help us feel secure.