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Taser Axon Body Camera: The Vision of Justice

Taser Axon Body Camera: The Vision of Justice

Taser Axon Body Camera: The Vision of Justice

It must not be a common knowledge to us civilians; the police battle gear is not just a body shield. It is important that the officers of the law do not present themselves at crime scenes unarmed.  Ideally, they should also be accompanied. Everything they equip themselves with all boils down to one cause, and that is the cause of justice.

Justice achieved through the Court System is not the easiest process. Compelling evidence should be made into perspective and more often than not, the evidences can be lacking or unacceptable by the book.

With the dawn of technology, police officers are encouraged to wear body cameras to aid in their quest for justice. There are, however, several complaints regarding the early body cameras: it is heavy on the budget especially for local districts, the quality is not quite acceptable and does not capture the essentials of the evidence, and lastly, officers find wearing it a hassle.

The Taser International Inc. finally launched the Taser Axon Body Camera to cater to both the growing demand for an efficient recording device in law enforcements, as well as the need for a wearable and cost effective investment for the police departments. The price of the new Taser Axon Body Camera is about one third of the cost of its predecessor, the Axon Flex.

More importantly, the Axon Body is a one-piece compact device with a hassle-free single button start, and it is also wireless. And to further allow ease in putting it on, the Axon Body can be mounted to the officer’s body, be it in his button shirt, his zipper shirt, his utility belt, his uniform shirt pockets, and his windshield. All of these features ensure that the wearer is comfortable and recording through it is speedy and effortless.

Two modes are made available by the Axon Body. The buffering mode which is also the default mode records pre-event situations. The 30-second pre-event buffering mode allows the wearer to capture events that leads to the actual situation. This is very useful when things don’t go as planned and on time. The Event mode is the other mode which mainly records scenes after the 30 second buffering. Don’t forget that this device can go on for 12 hours, that’s quite a reasonable amount of time to gather evidence.

Unlike other camera competitors, the Taser Axon Body boasts a 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens to allow viewers to revisit the scene in a wider perspective. Another feature is the Retina Low-Light, which is like the camera’s night vision goggles. It can record scenes in low light and automatically adjusts itself to different light situations.

So, you got everything at hand. What now? Is there a playback option? The Axon Mobile applications allow viewing of the recorded footage on your smartphone for review before actual storage of data. Accompanying Axon body technologies also allow configuration of the camera to download to local systems or these footage can be uploaded to evidence.com services.

Taser Axon Body Camera gives the public transparency, allowing us to see what our police officers see, allowing as to be in every scene and in every situation they are in. When everything is as clear as this, justice will surely be served.