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TASER StrikeLight : The personal defense stun flashlight

TASER StrikeLight

TASER is a company specialized in security and self-defense products. Their TASER electrical weapons are dedicated to protect life. They are non-lethal weapons that can disable an attacker. Statistic says that the TASER weapons have saved 100,000 lives serious injury or from potential death.

Since the year 1994, when the first TASER non-lethal weapons have come in the market, over 260,000 private individuals have relied on this technology for their personal protection or to protect the loved ones.

The TASER C2 electrical weapon has already revolutionized the world of self-defense and now the company has created another revolutionary product that is a practical tool for convenience and protection in every situation.

Whether you are walking across a dark parking lot or you are just walking your dog in your neighborhood at night, the TASER StrikeLight is a tool that can make you confident knowing that you have the necessary protection in your hand.

The StrikeLight is a flashlight that can be easy dissimulated but also easy to use in case of necessity. The tool has been designed for personal safety and it has stun capability despite its small dimensions.

The retail price of the TASER StrikeLight is just $129.99, which makes it an affordable product. Its price is less expensive than most quality tactical knives in the market. It is really amazing that such a high performance, high quality and effective self defense tool can be so affordable and inexpensive.

The TASER StrikeLight is designed around the needs of everyday users looking to feel confident that they possess a tool ensuring their protection, no matter what they are doing.

The convenient pocket sized flashlight offers the deterrence capability of a stun arc. The tool does not fire projectiles that cause neuro-muscular incapacitation. It was designed as a less aggressive and more affordable self protection tool that has powerful stun capability from close distance and creates a very load and intimidating electric arc.

The stun gun can also work as a flashlight with 80 lumen capacity. The light beam can reach 55 feet distance and it can work with a 70 degree beam angle. The stun gun can be used with success to deter any close range threats.

StrikeLight provides the perfect balance of convenience and practicality for personal safety. The high intensity flashlight with integrated stun technology creates a high voltage sun arc that can deter and repeal any attacker.

The StrikeLight can be easily operated even with one hand for maximum convenience and easy usage. It is powered by a rechargeable and replaceable battery and the package comes with an included wall-charger.

One charge can offer up to five hours of continuous usage and supports up to 100 five seconds discharges. The TASER StrikeLight package also includes the instruction manual, a carry strap/lanyard, and a rechargeable LiPo Battery.

Carrying a flashlight stun gun is more discreet and acceptable than carrying a TASER. The heavy duty dual purpose flashlight and stun gun is a huge hit in the market of self defense products.

This non lethal weapon for self defense can be easily hidden in the open and it is designed to look just like an inoffensive flashlight. That gives it limitless possibilities of use. It can light your way in a low light situation, such as walking down a dark street and provides you a non lethal alternative in the event of being the target of an unexpected attack.

Lethal force is not always the best option, even in the event of an attack. The effective tactical flashlight is more than capable to provide a high intensity light beam to illuminate your path and can transform in a weapon in an instant.

You can hold this stun TASER weapon in your hand and no one would ever guess that is more than a simple flashlight. No other effective self defense weapon is capable of that. All other concealed weapons, including knives, firearms, or pepper spray, require the action of drawing.

This preparatory action in order to be effective for using in self-defense can make you lose essential seconds in a life or death situation when every second counts. On the other side, the TASER StrikeLight is ready to action in zero seconds, offering you an important tactical advantage.

The rugged aluminum and polymer exterior can out stand high impact and provides durability to this solid weapon. The advanced anti-roll design ensures a firm grip.

StrikeLight is a very versatile tool, useful in a variety of situations, well beyond a dark parking lot. Robust and solid, the TASER StrikeLight is perfectly designed to accomplish its protection task in any dangerous conflict situation.

The flashlight stun gun measures 8.2 inches length and 1.4 inches height and weights only 9.5 oz. Due to its small dimensions and lightweight, it can be easily used by women who need to rely on a trustworthy self defense and protection tool.

The tool is very easy to use, all you have to do is to press the yellow trigger when the flashlight is on and the stun gun will discharge. However, due to the fact that the TASER flashlight is so easy to discharge you need to be really careful to not trigger it by accident.

Therefore, when you just need the flashlight function and you do not intend to use it as a weapon for self-defense, make sure you keep the index finger away from the weapon’s trigger.

TASER StrikeLight is an excellent self defense tool that is affordable, offers good value for its price tag and is well worth is cost. Even if you are already in possession of other self-defense weapons, it might be a valuable addition to count on the StrikeLight among your collection.

The stun gun flashlight is designed to provide you a high value, effective and reliable personal protection solution for any situation. In most of the American states it is legal for residents at least 18 years old to carry and conceal a TASER product without the need of a license of permit. However, it is advisable to check your local regulations. This TASER product is restricted for international sales and in the state of Michigan.