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Taser X2: Your Trusted Defender

Taser X2: Your Trusted Defender

Taser X2: Your Trusted Defender

It is way past bedtime and you’re trudging the dark, empty streets of your neighborhood. Whether it’s work-related, school–related, or thank-God-it’s-Friday-related; you’re hoping that there would be at least someone you know walking you to your door. The most unfortunate adjective that you can choose to describe yourself, as of that moment is, defenseless.

Your ballpoint pen might give you a sense of security, but it brings doubts especially regarding you and the attacker’s proximity. What you need might just be a Taser. A Taser is self-defense device that utilizes conduction electricity to incapacitate neuromuscular activity in the body. It is used by both civilians and law enforcement agents for whatever reason they may be – for self-defense or for disabling suspected criminals.

The newest model of conducted electrical weapons created by the Taser International Inc. is the Taser X2 Defender.  The main difference of Taser X2 from its predecessors is its two cartridges and two-shot option for increased effectiveness. As for the size, it is relatively smaller than Taser X3 but a little bulkier than Taser X26. It is fashioned like a hand held pistol and is made of high impact polymer.

What are the things we should know about Taser X2 that will make it our trusted defender? Let’s talk about safety, first and foremost. Our safety.

Most people have unreasonable fears about using a Taser and just to make it clear, these are meant to be non-lethal devices. The electric current delivered lasts approximately five seconds for every activation.

Within those five seconds, it releases approximately 50,000 volts of electricity. Furthermore, the X2 can adjust its electric output to 1.2 mill amperes, which is a value that is proven to be both effective and safe.  The X2 power supply is capable of 500 discharges, which is 60 per cent increase compared to that of the X26.  With proper training and handling, a Taser can ensure the operator’s handling safety.

There are several functions of the Taser X2 that adds to its efficiency in self-defense. To ease user operation, it is equipped with Dual Laser Sights to allow the user to see the expected landing locations of the probes, eliminating the chances of missing the target.  It also comes with a Central Information Display (CID).

This is a user-friendly feature that allows the user to know information about the device status, including the mode, the battery life, and which cartridge is activated. It also comes with a flashlight, an extended battery life, and the ability to carry on a camera. More importantly, it also comes with a built-in diagnostics to inform the user of any problems and the root of that problem for quick troubleshooting.  All of these features ensure ease in operation.

A special feature of the Taser X2 probe is its cross connection ability that allows the user to fire four probes on the target. This feature is called the X-connect. Another notable feature that can be useful especially for law enforcement officers is the Warning Arc. This is basically used as a tactic to encourage the targeted suspect to back down and give up without deploying any electricity.

The Taser X2 is a smart and handy device. There’s no amount of money that can exchange for the safety and the assurance that these devices bring.  It can be your trusted defender.